Super Record EPS groupset 11 speed
This groupset represents the zenith of cycling technology today and is in a class of its own.

Super Record

For over 80 years Campagnolo has researched, developed, tested and produced a cornucopia of innovative solutions in order to push the limits of what is possible through mechanical shifting.
The current limit at this point in time can be summed up in two words: SUPER RECORD.

Record EPS

The Record name has always been a guarantee of both quality and performance and in the case of Record EPS this has never been more true.

With countless victories under its belt the electronic groupset with such a prestigious name has a lot to live up to. The quality of its construction and extreme performance more than justify the RECORD

Chorus EPS

A mass request from the market and cycling afcionados led our Vicenza-based company to add the new Chorus EPS to the electronic groupset range.

Record: historic guarantee of both quality and performance.

The Record groupset boasts numerous sporting achievements in the pro world and now, with its latest “revolution” it is ready and eager to take on new challenges because it has already won the main battle: performance

Campagnolo Chours Groupset 11 speed
The distinctive design, performance and high-tech appeal of carbon fibre at a decidedly competitive price.

Campagnolo Centaur groupset 10 speed
Created to offer riders preferring 10-speeds a drivetrain with the best shift and derailing performance in the cycle world.


The meticulous attention to detail and requisite Campagnolo performance trickles down from the top end of the drivetrain range and is incorporated in every step of the design and construction of the Veloce groupset.