The Python CC road race

. It started off with a few moves not getting much lead and being brought back. All the moves were covered by the team and after a solid hour of racing Beezer managed to sneak off the front of the bunch and ride away solo. He was soon joined by 6 other riders. With 4 laps to go, an attack came from 5 riders including the winner James Lewis, NFTO.  Dredge gave chase but couldn’t get across.
As there were 12 riders in the break and only 1 Spirit rider, we really needed to get someone else in it to help Beezer towards the end of the race. The team put all riders on the front to bring the break back. With only 3 riders it was a difficult chase, we managed to pull it back from 1min 40 to about 30 seconds. Although we ran out of time and couldn’t bring them back enough to get another rider across the gap.
In the break 2 riders managed to get away and stay away to the finish. Jack Beezer managed to get 4th. And in the bunch gallop Dredge managed to get 19th. It was disappointing not to get a podium but Beezer is showing to be a good signing for the team.