The Duncan Murray Wines Road Race

The Duncan Murray Wines Road Race
The Duncan Murray Wines Road Race saw the return of Dredge after breaking his collarbone in mid-June and only being on the road for a week was just looking to get round the 87mile race.
It was a fairly successful race for the team who managed to get 3 riders in the break including the newest member to the team, Jack Beezer. The race started aggressively with attacks going but the first move to stick was a 4 man group including Waller, which managed to establish a small lead of 30-40 seconds.
On the 2nd of 7 laps Dredge attacked from the bunch and rode away with 3 other riders who soon made contact with the break to make a sizeable break of 8 which worked well together. Although a lot of the riders present clearly weren’t strong enough to push the pace up a gap was maintained and extended and it looked like a winner would come from this group.
On the 4th lap another group of 4 got across unfortunately none of our riders were in it. And on the 6th lap a final group of 5 got across including Jack Beezer. This made the break too big and a lot of riders sat on which was upset the rhythm. On the final lap lots of attacks took place and covering all the moves and trying to go solo became a challenge. 1 rider slipped away on a climb 8km from the finish and pulled away which made it game over for the win. The final 5km saw even more attacks but nothing could materialise so it seemed inevitable that it would come down to a sprint.
As it was an uphill sprint it seemed to suit Beezer and Dredge. Beezer got 6th, Dredge got 8th or 9th but was later disqualified as he had crossed a double white line. A very harsh decision but he should still be happy considering he has only been back training for 3 weeks. Hopefully with a full team available and a fresh pair of legs for the later part of the season a few wins don’t seem too far off the cards.