Spirit Bikes News

April 2014

The team were up in Northumberland racing at the first event of the Premier Calendar, the Tour of the Reservoir. It included all of the best professional riders in the country

The Ham Hill road race in Somerset was the next race on the calendar. It was a 70 mile race which can be described as being quite hilly. The team who would be racing were: Mark, Ed, Dredge and Marriot

Ed winning the last round of the Imperial series.

A few attempted moves tried to go early doors but the real move that established was when Ed rolled away after about 30mins. He was joined after a couple of laps by 4 others. Other riders tried to get across but as the wind was so strong no one made it across. With 5 laps to go, Chris Dredge rode away from the field. He stayed away to the finish to claim 6th. Ed who was in the break rode away with 2 laps to go to win the race. So Spirit start off the season with 100% rate. Hopefully this continues throughout the season.

Roy thame RR
The road season has officially begun. The team only a week after the training camp in Portugal were racing in 2 races, the Roy Thame Cup on the 8th March and the Jock Wadley on the 9th March. It was fair to say that the team still had Portugal in their legs so very fatigued going into the 2 races

The team recently spent 2 weeks training in Portugal to get away from the bad weather in England.

September 2013

The attacks started early on with a break of 13 riders, containing Mark, going clear on the first lap. The break quickly gain a minute advantage but a counter move of 5 riders joining the front group reduced the cohesion to work in the front group. At one stage the gap back to the bunch was reduced to as little as 20seconds, with team riders Jack, Ed and Chris doing what they could to control the front of the bunch. The prospect of being caught kick-started the breakaway to start working and the gap soon went back out again.